Über Lebenskunst School

Can we learn how to develop sustainably? What do we need to know and what do we have to forget? Between September 2010 and November 2012 the ÜBER LEBENSKUNST.School – a joint initiative with the Institut Futur of the Free University Berlin – addressed these questions.18 artists and creative individuals from throughout Germany first participated in a ten-month long educational programme where they were introduced to the concept of "Education for Sustainable Development". This was followed by 14 artistic school projects with students of all ages during the school year 2011/12. These projects experimented with sustainable models of living for the 21st century. To conclude the ÜBER LEBENSKUNST.School, a web publication appeared in November that describes the project as a whole as well as the individual projects in texts and images and discusses the main issues and findings of the projects. More at: www.ueber-lebenskunst.org/schule. (in German only)

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