Über Lebenskunst conference

What makes us truly happy and how can we get there? How will we live in a sustainable way as we transition to a post-fossil society? Who makes the decision and who participates? Are we also responsible for the rest of the world? When will we start?
During the Festival in August 2011 ÜBER LEBENSKUNST connected the local action level with the global discourse level. In discourse and performance the conference brought together five regions of the globe represented by the cities of St. Petersburg, New Delhi, Nairobi, São Paulo and Berlin. The auditorium of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt was transformed into a "global room" where international experts, artists, scientists, politicians, and activists came together both virtually and in person to discuss local problems and solutions for sustainable development from a global perspective. Performances by artists were incorporated into the conference as well. The installation of three screens in the auditorium of the HKW and similar satellite installations at four places around the world made it possible to experience performances and discussions elsewhere in the world live as they happened. You can find more information on the conference program in the PDF on this site and selected videos of the event in the media archive

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