The publications that appeared within the context of ÜBER LEBENSKUNST are dedicated to modernizing models of sustainable living for the 21st century. The ÜBER LEBENSKUNST anthology "Über Lebenskunst - Utopien nach der Krise" (Utopias after the crisis), edited by Susanne Stemmler and Katharina Narbutovic, is a collection of new literary texts and philosophical essays by well-known writers that examine the content and shape of possibilities for future living in the context of the environmental crisis. The "Berlin Atlas of paradoxical mobility", published by Friedrich von Borries and the working group URBAN MOBILITY, reflects on the limits and contradictions of today's mobility. The artist group myvillages.org has documented their project VORRATSKAMMER|PANTRY in an illustrated book. The concert series "HKW lokal" released a record compilation entitled ÜBER LEBENSKUNST. The working group MY FAVOURITE PIECE OF CLOTHING (MEIN LIEBLINGSTEIL) published a catalogue with selected stories and photos reflecting the cycle of clothing production, consumption and disposal. At the beginning of ÜBER LEBENSKUNST, the working group WHEN ATTITUDES BECOME NORM created an animated flip book as a keyword generator for sustainable action.

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