Über Lebenskunst - OTHER ACTIVITIES

Many activities and events took place already in the lead up to the Festival in August 2011. The ÜBER LEBENSKUNST.Klub opened its doors for those from the realms of art, culture and sustainability interested in experimenting with strategies for sustainable living in the 21st century. In the series "HKW lokal", Berlin's international music scene set the climate change to music. There were also projects that addressed specific issues. The working group WHEN ATTITUDES BECOME NORM looked at learning processes and dealt with the question of how to change behaviour. The URBAN MOBILITY project developed an exemplary mobility concept for the Festival and published the "Berlin Atlas of paradoxical mobility". The cycle of clothing production, distribution, consumption and disposal was the focus of the project MY FAVOURITE PIECE OF CLOTHING (MEIN LIEBLINGSTEIL). In a residency programme, ÜBER LEBENSKUNST brought artists to the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. You can find more information on the projects and events in the PDFs on this site as well as under Publications.

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